Thursday, August 11, 2011

3.30 8 Max runner up

Grrrrr, came in second after crushing the final table.

With 3 people left on the final table(700+ran) and blinds at 4k-8K. Chipstacks 900 K for myself, random guy has 500 K, and 550 K for the third guy.

Get 99, make it 24 K, get raised by random guy to 70 K, flat call.

Flop 9KJsss, dude raises, ship it in.

Show down 99 vs QQ

I cannot fade spade on river, sigh.

Fight back and came in second. oh well gg.

By the way played a few other and got 22 Deep stack, and like 10 other games.

But over all a +ev day.

Gl at the tables.

Observe, Learn, Practice, Improve, Evolve(OLPIE)

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