Thursday, November 28, 2013

Positivity in negativity

So I have ran bad for the last 3-4 weeks. To say that I have run like death, would be an understatement. But on second thought, this is more of figurative speech. I may have had bad run, I may have lost pots where I was supposed to win 90% of the times, but my instincts are still alive. I am still thinking, its putting pressure on me to not go in auto pilot. The worse thing that comes out of bad beats or death like run is that you start playing differently, taking chances since you remember that you were beaten before by a similar hand, perhaps, I might be able to beat em with that hand. The best thing that can come out of a bad run is focus, consistency. I have been in all in situations in the past few weeks with a over pair vs a under pair so many times and so far deep with big huge stacks, that winning those hands would have guaranteed a final table. Happened in Big 8 with 40 left KK<1010 and countless more. Expectation to win were hammered, I started questioning whether its my pessimist outlook that is getting me beaten due to once bitten twice shy attitude. This is from an article from Jared Tendler . One thing I want to bring out of this down swing is to keep focus, identify my weak plays ( as they get hidden in the layer of bad beats) and play my A game. I aim to take a big one down soon... Amen. GL Deuces...

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