Saturday, March 24, 2012

What a final table!

Okay so here I am after taking down a tourney, what a tourney it was. My favorite uaredead lol was at my table with final 18 left.

So at the final table with 4 was suggested..chip chop gave me 750...I asked for 850...with just 8 bb... 2 big stacks with 30 bb each and another smaller one with 10 bb said no to me. I cancelled the deal and played on.

With 5 bb left I came back to take it down.

This was the final hand

GG deuces.

Additionally have been learning 6 max at 7 level and here are the results....lots of variation and not very high roi...with 6 max..In last 2 weeks have played about 800 of these

Hope to win at least 1 table in Battle of planet...will try :-)

Gl at the tables..

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